As a mother . . .

April 18, 2014

It is so hard to read the news, watch the news or even hear about the horrible things that go on in this world.  Before I had my girls and I would hear these horrific news stories it would bother me, I would feel sad and angry and get upset but it wasn't until after having my girls I understood the depth of the anguish that people were facing.  Now when I hear a story I have an almost visceral response; my head starts spinning with "what if's?" "what if that were my babies on that ferry, that airplane, at that marathon finish line?" "what if I were there with them; would I have been able to get them to safety?" "Would I have listened to my gut?" My stomach starts wrenching and most every time I feel like throwing up.  My heart and lungs go in to panic mode; I hyperventilate and my heart races and races . . . . these stories panic my being down to every cell in my body.

After I had my girls, my world changed in every way possible.  Now when I see anyone hurting, or in some unfortunate circumstances, all I can think is that is someones child . . .  someone who cradled their baby in their arms every night as I do, who kissed their booboo's when they were hurt like I do . . . I had no idea the depth of love a parent carries.  My girls are me and I am them; my love is like an involuntary muscle in my body, it just happens without me telling it to or making it . . . the love is literally pulsating though my body.  

The recent tragedies that are happening all around is a little too much to digest.   There have been two sad sad events that have been so close to home recently and with all the rest going on in the world . . . it seems a little insurmountable.  I am grieving for those families, those mother's, those fathers, those children who have lost someone.  Right now someones child is lost, is hurting, is sad, needs help, needs their mummy . . . and I just can't . . . I can't. 

who is the fairest of them all?

April 17, 2014

Since the earthquake a few weeks ago that sent paintings, mirrors and vases flying off our walls and shelves I have been looking for a new mirror to hang in our entryway.  The one we have is great but it weighs a ton and kinda scared me with it's "heff" during the earthquake! I want to get something a little lighter . . .  check out some of the beauties I stumbled upon (I wish they were all within my budget though!)

This gorgeous Jonathan Adler lucite & gold one is stunning (but $$$$)

Orange and bamboo!!!!! YES please (via)

Great affordable bamboo option (here)

I love this unexpected green! (here)


She loves me yeah, yeah, yeah . . .

April 16, 2014

Over the weekend my mum celebrated her 65th birthday with an amazing birthday bash at their house.  First of all the house looked absolutely stunning! Like a scene out of a Vanity Fair party . . . . . . G O R G E O U S.  Secondly my mum looked radiant! She does not look 65 at all and she had so much fun and was so relaxed; it was just awesome to see her enjoy the party!

Mum is a die-hard Beatles fan so it was only appropriate that she got a Beatles cover-band for the party entertainment and they were so good . . . black suits, skinny ties, wigs and all! 

I danced ALL NIGHT LONG!  I love dancing and to live music!!! even better.  And all those Beatles songs just brought back so many great memories of growing up. . . the Beatles were always playing in our house!

I bought two dresses for the party and decided on the more fun one . . . both were super cheap (one was $39 and the other $19)

This is the first one that looks amazing on - it's a BodyCon Topshop dress (Nordstroms Rack) and fits like a glove . . . but I felt it was a little too conservative and not the best dancing dress . . . 

And this is the second dress that I ended up wearing . . . It was the last in the store and a size medium so I had to get it altered (great tailor for OC if you need one) . . . it fit so amazing and was the perfect length.  It has a tulle underskirt which gives it great volume!

And here are some pic's of my mum and stepdad's amazing backyard all set up! 

Here are some daytime pic's I took while I was over visiting with the girlies a few weekends ago . . . . . . S T U N N I N G 

and the all-important "sister selfie" at the start of the night . . . there is no need to post the end-of-the-night selfies as the Prosecco was flowing . . . and I may have jumped in and sang a duet with Paul . . . "cringe" #sorrynotsorry

One year

April 15, 2014

Thinking of everyone that was affected by last years Boston marathon bombing today . . . my heart goes out to all the families, loved ones, and emergency workers who were part of this awful tragedy.  Still so unbelievable it happened. 

Take a moment to remember . . .  

Let's Pay less

April 11, 2014

We stopped by Payless over the weekend to pick up ballet and tap shoes for both the girls . . . such a better price than a real dance store especially when their feet grow exponentially every other month and their choice in what activities they like to do also!

But I digress (as I have habit to do) and the reason I'm here is to share these beauties we picked up for little Ms. E while we were there (she picked them out) . . .  only $15 each and they are super comfy with a padded footbed . . . (I am tempted to get the white ones in my size (yes I can wear kids sizes!))  I also want to note that Payless kids shoes have lasted longer than any Target or Old Navy shoes in my house!

 get them here

the color choices of these are so fun!

they are gold, they are gold

April 9, 2014

I finally got around to spraying my Craigslist chairs with my favorite gold spray paint! 

Why, yes! I spray in socks with a margarita in hand . . . don't you?

I absolutely love how they turned out . . . but now the difficult part - picking fabric! A pattern? or a fun-colored solid? What are your thoughts?

my littles

April 8, 2014

So I have been thinking a lot about hanging some artwork in the littles rooms . . . I haven't really done much until now because I was looking for the perfect pieces, that were also affordable, as I know in 3-5yrs time they will want something different.

Enter Society6 . . . they have the most amazing array of choices and are so affordable.  You can have the images as a giclee, a canvas, ipad cover, iphone cover, you name it they will put it on  it  . . even rugs! 

I have large prints (28 x 20) of these two babies coming to me . . .

 This one is for little Ms. E's room; her favorite animal (and mine) is an elephant . . . kindred spirits I say

And this cutest little pineapple is for little Ms. H's room . . . I absolutely adore this and for some reason the moment I set eyes on it, it screamed "Harper" . . . so that was that!