Take a seat

January 26, 2015

Happy Monday peeps . . . Hope you all had a fantastic weekend; we had a pretty laid back one which was nice!

A few months back I got two of these Threshold tufted benches from Target on sale for $60 each with an extra 15% off!!! I bought them in hopes of having a king bed to put them at the bottom off! So now that I do I've decided I need to change them up a little bit!

This is the photo from Target's website.  While I love their Threshold line I am not a fan of the gold they use on their furniture.  Its not really gold its a dull browny-bronze color . . . so you can bet I will be giving them a coat of my favorite gold spray paint (here) 

and since all my linens are white and I love a clean stark-white look the oatmeal linen fabric that is on the benches looks really dull & dirty next to the bed soooooooo my fabulous mum is going to help me cover them and I really want to go with a handwoven hmong indigo fabric so I am looking at this one on ebay!  I love elephants & so do my girls!  My inspiration?  I love how Amber from Amber Interiors incorporates all her stunning indigo pillows and throws into her rooms with white linens and walls.

Take a look at Ambers gorgeousness in these homes she has done . . . all images via here

Shoe Porn

January 23, 2015

So I don't usually buy myself big-ticket items but when we passed by Madison last week on our lunch break and saw the sale they were having we popped in for a looky-look.  When I saw these Aquazzura babies, that I have secretly loved for months, I fell . . . and I fell pretty hard!  I have seen them on so many people; and the nude are by far the most popular (hence never on sale) . . . 

The pair in Madison were RED; I don't have a pair of red shoes and my, oh my, aren't these a sexy pair of red shoes to have . . . best part? They are amazingly comfortable (like a glove on your foot) AND they were on final clearance so they were silly cheap for an originally priced $600 shoe! (you can buy them full price here and here) . . . . ummmm Happy Valentines Day to me!

Happy skin

January 22, 2015

I have been using this facial oil and eye cream for the past few weeks and I have to say I am really loving it.  Not only do I see a difference in my puffy eyes and dark circles but my skin feels insanely soft and supple.  It also has one of the most relaxing & beautiful scents to fall asleep with; it has primrose oil and essential lavender oils in it (buy them here and here)

She has arrived!

January 21, 2015

So our new fame and mattress arrived over the weekend and it was instant love!

We got this mattress (here); they had great customer service and delivered to California, from Salt Lake City, next day!

and this beautiful frame (here) from West Elm

So here is the before photo with our old faithful queen bed from Z Gallerie before we moved it our (Lucy Sue is curled up in her usual spot on our pillows!)

And here is our new baby . . . It feels so HUGE since we have always had a Queen mattress . . . like Mr. Hotpants is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO far away from me!!

So we all know how the snowball effect works right!?!? So now here is what I want to do . . . 
  • Find new nightstands (these are my mums old ones that I painted) 
  • New lamps
  • Move our living room rug into our bedroom (here
  • Upholster the Target benches with a vintage kilim 
  • Buy larger white linen duvet cover (here)

Great Kids gift

January 20, 2015

My awesome-sauce sister-in-law bought these fantastic nightlights for all the kiddos Christmas gift (here)!  My girls love love love them! They are so cool and the colors are wonderful, especially on a white wall!  You can set it so that it stays on until you manually turn it off or set it so that it automatically turns off after 10minutes (we do this because it is perfect for them to fall asleep with).  Great gift for a birthday party, Valentines or Easter surprise for the kiddos or just a great addition to their bedroom

a little trip

January 16, 2015

We bought annual passes for the San Diego Wild Animal Safari Park & the SD Zoo over the Christmas break and took a little 3 day holiday with the girls!   San Diego has lots of things to do for families: Safari park, Zoo, Legoland, Seaworld, beautiful beaches, kayaking, and more!  I have spent quite a bit of time in SD as my dad lived there for many years.  My favorite area is Del Mar by far . . . a little slice of heaven; Le Auberge Del Mar Hotel is  amazing (here).

Since we wanted to be close to some fun activities for the girls we headed a little further south and stayed at the Manchester Grand Hyatt (here).

 We had drinks up at the very top of that left tower; at the Top of the World. The girls had their first "Shirley Temples"

this is the huge lobby 

View from the Top of the World

When we travel with the girls we always get suites so that we can put them to bed and still enjoy having a drink, watching a movie or sitting on the balcony and their "conference suites" are amazing! Dinner table to sit 8 people, full bar area, sectional sofa, floor-to-ceiling windows . . . they are HUGE! Worth the extra money especially if you are traveling with another family

 Their favorite thing to do once they check in to a hotel? - Check out the bed
We decided to visit the the USS Midway while we were down there and it was truly magnificent (here) . . . Mr. Hotpants and I loved it because we are history nerds like that  . . .  the girls were sort of impressed for the first 20 minutes then they wanted to leave.  Looking back now I would probably wait until they were a little older to go on it (although little boys would probably have an insane time and enjoy it for a little longer)

 They loved the flight deck!

The girls did love Seaport Village (here); which is right where the USS Midway is docked.  It has great little shops, restaurants, ice cream places, outdoor patios and a fantastic balloon man (the girls got a hello kitty and a pink panther made out of balloons!!)

The next day we crossed the bridge and headed into Coronado (here).  We didn't visit the famous Hotel Del  this time (here) as we wanted to have a more relaxed non-touristy afternoon so we headed to the other side of the island to a great little spot by the Ferry landing.  We had an awesome lunch at the Coronado Brewing Company (here) and then rented one of those 4-people bikes and cruised the boardwalk stopping on the beach to collect shells.  

I would definitely recommend this, especially those who are close to SD.  So easy to get to, a nice change, great weather, lots to do and fun new experiences!  Heres to more of these little adventures in 2015.


Gifts I love

January 15, 2015

I got some great gifts this Christmas that I though I would share . . . It was a very girlie Christmas

I got this beautiful Giles & Brother hammered bib necklace from Mr. Hotpants and it feels amazing on! (here)

he also got me this fun and quirky Alexander McQueen dog-tag necklace; great for an everyday edgy piece (here)

I had asked for some new beautiful bras and undies and I was fabulously showered with lots of them (I don't think it takes much when a lady asks her man for sexy under-thangs!!). . . (here) and (here)

I also was in dire need of some pretty PJ's (not sweats and old t-shirts) so I was so happy when I got this great set from Splendid (here)

and don't forget my trusty face butter . . . La Mer (here)