My Mr. Hotpants

November 20, 2014

With Thanksgiving fast approaching its hard not to fall head-over-heels in love again with Mr. Hotpants.  Thanksgiving is his jam . . . he is an amazing cook, doesn't stress easy, enjoys food and loves football so this holiday was practically made for him.    

This will be our 2nd Thanksgiving in our home and I am super psyched.  I'm going with navy blue linens, a tartan flannel overlay, gold accents, garden foliage and red wines!  

He is going with a smoked Turkey finished on the BBQ, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, brussel sprouts with homemade cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy.

But do you want to know why my heart bursts for this man, the father to our two wonderful baby girls?  Because not only does he have a midterm right now and a paper due and is running his 2 clinics, but he is super excited about cooking this amazing Thanksgiving dinner for everyone.  He has already ordered the apple-wood smoke chips for the turkey, has called around and ordered the exact turkey he wants, has looked at recipes for all the side dishes and thought about where everyone will sit.  He has also said "anyone is welcome, the more the merrier!" and this doesn't stress him out (me on the other hand . . . lol).   

And to make sure everyone has fun, both the kids and adults, on his own he ordered some fun games . . . a bean bag toss and new dart supplies.  His family always played darts at family get togethers so we have one set up in our garage now and how cute is it that he bought new pink dart flights for Emerson because she has started playing with him!  We also have a bocce ball set to set up. 

Oh and because he has so much free time he has also brewed two new Thanksgiving beers for the big day . . . so there will be beer tasting going on too.  

Seriously he is absolutely amazing and I am the luckiest girl to have caught this tall gentle giant who has a heart of gold, can cry at Kleenex commercials, sings all day non-stop, who should have been in a boy-band and who loves us girls with everything he has.

I am THANKFUL for YOU Mr. Hotpants


November 19, 2014

Am I the last to know about the Toms and Target collaboration?  For every Target +Toms gift you purchase, a pair of shoes, blanket or week’s worth of meals goes to someone in need. Holiday shopping for a good cause? Can't argue with that!  Here are some of my fav picks . . . 

 Black leather-like slip-ons that come with this cute little canvas backpack!
 Great little clutch or make-up bag - perfect stocking stuffer
 Think I will be buying this sweater for myself! Comes in cream too and only $30
 Such a cozy poncho to sit out back in and cozy up on the sofa with

 Great selection of throw blankets for $30 - Christmas gifts!
 I think my girls would love these mitten/gloves

 These are beautiful candles and may need to be placed in a few places around my house!

CL Finds

November 18, 2014

So I found some great deals on CL this week while doing my weekly browsing . . .  It is sometimes hard to find the exact things you want so I use keywords that describe the items I love such as lucite, brass, velvet, faux bamboo.

Cooler Weather

November 13, 2014

Old Navy has a great sale going on now with some wonderful pieces for the littles; you can definitely get a Crewcuts look for so much less! . . . Seen as we are getting some cooler weather I ordered these items for my little MS. E who wont stop growing! She is 5 and all her pants need to be a size 6 and those are just fitting her right at the ankle!  I know I'm not a tall girl y'all but this chickadee is already hitting above my boobs in height!!!!

Beauty updates

November 5, 2014

This title makes me laugh because I almost NEVER blow-dry or straighten my hair and wear make-up approximately once a week ha ha ha.  But I picked up some new additions that I thought I would share . . . 

This wonderful resurfacing mask from Tata Harper (here).  My face is so soft and glowing after I use this.  And the scent is absolutely heavenly; like a light sweet rose petal!  Definitely worth trying and her skincare line is all natural and nontoxic which only adds to it's awesomeness!

These new whitening strips from Amazon (here).  I try to whiten my teeth every few months and I love this pack because it includes (2) 1hr Express treatments, which are a great way to kick-start the whitening again.

This straightener is AMAZEBALLS - but be careful it gets so H O T!!!! (here).  It takes me a quarter of the time to straighten my hair compared to my old one.

The other day I miraculously found myself in CVS A.L.O.N.E so since I had the time I browsed the beauty aisles and picked up this night cream . . . so far I am really liking it! (here)

Newest additions

November 4, 2014

Sooooo . . .  I may or may not have ordered a few things this past week.

I may have bought 2 of these benches (here) for at the bottom of our new king bed (whenever that happens - hopefully soon!) 

I may have found the perfect crossbody bag on a fantastic sale (here). . .

Backyard update

November 3, 2014

Do you remember this post (here)?  Those picture!!! ay ay ay  . . . well I stopped dragging my feet and made a commitment to find some fab furniture that would not break the bank!!! I took to scouring the end-of-the-summer outdoor furniture sales and Craigslist . . . but nothing was jumping out at me until I saw a CL post with the most beautiful outdoor sofa and chairs (also the coffee table and side table) all for $1000!!!  

I asked Mr. Hotpants if he liked it which I then promptly followed with "I don't care I'm getting it anyway" . . . The set is in absolute perfect condition; the people bought it a year ago, used it once then moved homes and it has been in storage so it is like-new!!! I found a delivery guy on CL to and went with my mum to see it and actually got the guy down to $900 for the set!  I had the guys load it into the truck before anyone could change their mind! These pics were taken right after it was delivered . . .

The set reminds me so much of my favorite Restoration Hardware "Provence" outdoor collection (here) . . .

I still have to get a few things but I used some things I had around the house and picked up some plants (succulents, a basil plant and  a little palm), a candle and tray . . .

and I just ordered some outdoor throw pillows From Target that I think will go nicely (I want to keep the color scheme neutral since we have so much natural & beautiful greenery in the backyard already)  . . .  

Now all that is left is:

Outdoor rug 
Coffee Table   
(Although I will be keeping my eye out for a different coffee table - I'm  not 
one to be all matchy-matchy!)
Hanging Baskets & Climbing vines
Outdoor lanterns
Outdoor throw blankets in a basket
Outdoor lights  (I may rehanging these in a different pattern than they are now)
Outdoor throw pillows
Outdoor TV  
Paint the Jacuzzi
New jacuzzi top